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Who uses Hairomega®?

Cross section of skin with vascular tissue.

Every industry has a go-to product used by insiders and the beauty industry is no different. Hairomega® is used by professionals worldwide.

It is formulated to support healthy hair. That means fuller, thicker, stronger, longer lasting hair.

How does Hairomega® Work?

Science has enabled us to achieve things previously thought to be impossible. The practice of medicine is rooted in evidence based medicine. The formulators of Hairomega® try to include ingredients that support healthy hair growth. Our advanced, proprietary formulas are not offered by any other company. Compare our ingredients to those of other brands and you’ll see why more people choose Hairomega®.

Hairomega® has a number of  ingredients that may help balance DHT levels, supply essential nutrients for healthy hair, and support healthy circulation.


The Hairomega® line is one of the top selling hair care lines for a reason.